• Éditions Champion Électronique changes its name to Classiques Garnier Numérique.



• The first electronic editions are published under the name of Éditions Honoré Champion.
• Creation of Éditions Champion Électronique, specialised in the electronic edition of corpus of literature, dictionaries, encyclopedias and the humanities.


• Birth of the first electronic editions published by Éditions Honoré Champion then by Champion Électronique with the launching of the Corpus of Montaigne’s works.


Contents and updating

The contents of the databases produced by Classiques Garnier Numérique are stable, except for the collections and all Classiques Garnier editions, which are up-dated by the new volumes published.
The up-dating of the search engine, of the interface and of editorial work concerns all the databases. New search functions, new possibilities for the exploitation of the contents are regularly proposed according to the users’ needs. Facsimiles may also be added for some works, when they were previously offered only in text mode (an incomparably richer source for search purposes).


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