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All collections from Classiques Garnier are published simultaneously on paper and on-line.

That does not mean publication on-line of isolated texts in pdf, but the creation of a data-base for each collection in image-hidden text and full-text modes, allowing complex searches on structured texts and not simply word-searches.

New titles are introduced into the bases as soon as they are published.
The full catalog is available in Excel format.





  • Classiques Jaunes (The 'Yellow' Collection)
  • Classiques Garnier has been publishing its famous ‘Yellow' collection of great literatures of the world since 1896.
    These publications are characterized by a rigorous establishment of the text, a number of critical devices provided by the best specialists and a careful presentation printed in Garamond. The Yellow Classics Collection is enriched every year with many new works. It consists of five series: - French Literature; - World texts; - Medieval Literature; - Philosophies; - Studies and essays.


  • Greek Classics
  • Greek Classics publishes works of Greek literature up to the first half of the sixth century AD, in a bilingual edition with an introduction and a critical commentary.


  • Middle ages

    • Research into Medieval Literature
    • The collection Medieval literary research publishes works on medieval culture which propose an original approach, selected according to the scientific and intellectual quality of the research. These works are intended for specialists but also for a wider public interested in literature and the medieval world; a pluridisciplinary perspective is a vital part of the ambition of this collection.

    • Literary Texts of the Middle Ages
    • The collection Literary texts of the Middle-Ages presents authoritative critical editions of literary, historical and philosophical texts, which bring new textual resources (or versions) or new perspectives, but also works of which there exists no satisfactory or accessible critical edition. Editions involving foreign languages (Latin, Italian, English, etc.) are systematically accompanied by a translation. The French texts also provide a modern translation when this is deemed necessary.

    • The Middle Ages in Translation
    • The collection Moyen Âge en traduction (Middle Ages in translation) provides academics as well as the wider public with the works of medieval literature in modern French. The proposed translations, made by the best specialists, are both elegant and faithful to the original texts. Each translation is accompanied by an introduction and all the notes necessary for understanding the text.

  • Renaissance

    • Renaissance Collection
    • Scholarly tomes, syntheses, reference books and classic secondary literature on the Renaissance, both French and European... a modern encyclopedia for Renaissance knowledge and creation.

    • Studies and Essays on the Renaissance
    • A collection at the heart of modern debate and research on the Renaissance. By its multi-disciplinary approach, the variety of its methodologies, the originality of its perspectives, this collection is a privileged site for the confrontation of ideas and polemics, of discovery and reevaluations, and for innovation in all cases.

    • Montaigne Studies
    • Montaigne studies is a reference collection devoted to the life and work of Montaigne. It covers reception of Montaigne's works from the 16th to the 20th century, conditions of publication, literary, historical and cultural environment.

    • Rabelais' Worlds
    • Around Rabelais "genius of the century," the books and men, the realities and fictions of his time, Antiquity revisited, readings and interpretations of the twenty-first century.

    • Geographies of the World
    • This collection of studies and documents considers geographical literature in a plural dimension and in the light of varietas. Putting aside the travel account in the strict sense, the collection covers arts, techniques and myths which, for the past five centuries, have successively modelled our image of the world, putting into spatial order the way in which history and the diversity of cultures are conceived.

    • Works from the Centre for Further Study of the Renaissance
    • The ‘Works from the Centre for Further Study of the Renaissance’ collection welcomes works originating in the multidisciplinary research carried out at the Centre for Further Study of the Renaissance (University of Tours/ CNRS).

    • Renaissance Texts
    • Critical editions of all Renaissance publications in print and manuscript: complete works, rare and unpublished texts, grouped into coherent series. Rigorous establishment of the text and scrupulous annotation for generic and historical contextualisation, taking into account the latest research.

    • Latin Renaissance
    • The "Latin Renaissance" collection hosts Latin studies from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance, as well as text publications in their original language with their translation. It aims to contribute to the dissemination of this literature and hence to reestablish the fundamental role it has played in European culture.

    • International Society of Interdisciplinary Research into the Renaissance

  • 17th century

    • Reading the Seventeenth Century
    • The title of this collection expresses its ambition. To read means, first and foremost, to take into account both text and context opened to a renewed or reconstituted corpus of texts. It also means to interpret, both according to these new horizons or those of modernity, which give new life to works of the past. A privileged place will be given to innovative research-work and to critical essays which are attentive to present-day preoccupations. Several series, directed by the most competent specialists, will draw the contours of this investigation (novels, pastorals, tragedies, law, sciences, religion, music, free thought, utopias, mystics, travel literature, etc.). From these strong lines of enquiry should emerge and enriched vision of the contrasts of the 17th century.

    • Seventeenth-Century Collection
    • Relying on a flexible conception of the period, this collection aims to create a corpus as wide and rich as possible. It will publish scholarly editions, established with all the requisite philological rigour, of works belonging to all the textual genres, both by well-known and lesser-known authors. Besides original French texts, it will cover also the efforts of translators to rival with their models, both ancient and modern.

    • The Universe of Port-Royal
    • This collected work, inspired by the recent resurgence of studies on Port-Royal and Jansenism, attests to a renewed interest in major figures like Pascal, Racine, and Saint-Cyran.

  • 18th century

    • Enlightenment Europe
    • From what has been designated as a "crisis of conscience" to the Revolution, literature and thought play in a European space, often French-speaking, entranced by new ideas and formal experiments. The collection covers research which calls on a variety of disciplines and methods in order to better know and understand the intellectual, scientific, artistic and literary life of the 18th century, as well as the history of ideas and representations.

    • Eighteenth-Century Collection
    • The 18th century Library offers reliable editions of Enlightenment works established by the best specialists. It includes well-known masterpieces as well as forgotten or even unpublished works, whatever their textual genre or original language. The collection can promise all readers some fascinating discoveries.

    • Reading the Eighteenth Century
    • Reading the eighteenth century aims to publish eighteenth century texts from all areas, French or foreign, currently unavailable in bookstores or manuscript texts that have never been published.

  • 19th century

    • Studies in Romanticism and the Nineteenth Century
    • The collection Studies on Romanticism and the 19th century publishes works on 19th century French literature: essays, theses, monographic studies, works of synthesis and scholarly studies. It welcomes all kinds of studies in literary criticism, history and poetics, giving priority, however, to works which ally conceptual reflexion and a historical perspective, so that theory and history be no longer regarded as mutually exclusive. Having the ambition to publish international contributions and innovative studies, particularly those of young research-workers, the collection will attain its aim if the reader finds in these works pleasure, intellectual ambition and historical exactitude.

    • Baudelaire
    • The "Baudelaire" collection brings together philological and literary research on the works of Baudelaire. It pays particular attention to the way it was received in literary history and culture.

    • Rimbaud Studies
    • The series Rimbaud studies brings together research devoted to the poetical work of Arthur Rimbaud. It offers philological research, interpretative readings, analyses based on the reception of Rimbaud's works and their status in literary history.

    • Nineteenth-Century Collection
    • In this collection are published works of the 19th century of all kinds: novels, essays, poetry, theatre, critique, history. We propose, in the traditional spirit of Classiques Garnier, philological and erudite editions, so that the modern reader, be he/she student or general public, can have access to the literature and thought of the 19th century. The reader will find here works recognised as classics and others which deserve discovery.

  • 20th-21st century

    • Studies in Twentieth and Twenty-First-Century Literature
    • The collection Studies on literature of the 20th and the 21st centuries publishes theses and essays devoted to one author, to a literary movement or to a literary question. Literary theory occupies an important place in the collection, but it should not be disassociated from the history of literature, of genres, of literary forms, ideas and sensitivities. To inscribe a work in its social, historical, intellectual and artistic context is to help us understand its production - its poetics. In the alliance of scientific erudition and the intuition of internal textual analysis, these studies seek not so much to interpret a given work as to situate its specific character in a global literary history.

    • Twentieth-Century Literature Collection
    • The Library of 20th century literature publishes recognised and established authors and others which are now neglected. Each scholarly edition is accompanied by a substantial body of variants and scientific annotations. The accent is put on documentation: erudition allows full contextualisation of the texts, whatever their nature; it allows the editor to make the work accessible to the modern reader and founds a fully historical knowledge of the literary production of the period in all its complexity.

    • The Proust Collection
    • The collection "Proustian Library" brings together research texts dedicated to Marcel Proust, encompassing the findings of influential theses as well as essays produced by recognised experts. The collection incorporates the result of both French and foreign collective research together with translations of foreign works hard to access.

    • The Gide Collection
    • The Gide Collection seeks to keep Gide's work and personality alive. It freely re-examines his influence on the literary world of his time and of ours.

    • Contemporary Francophone Writers
    • Researchers, writers and artists bring together their outlooks to create a reference library of criticism, devoted to contemporary French-speaking literature.

  • Transversal collections: from the middle ages to t

    • Occitan Studies and Texts
    • This collection brings together critical essays on Occitan or bilingual French-Occitan works and authors as well as critical editions of Occitan or bilingual texts.

    • Literary Theory
    • The collection Literary theory is an open space for a plurality of critical approaches, in a global perspective that goes beyond national literary frontiers and which defends the modern freedom of combining theoretical and disciplinary approaches to the text and to literary history.

    • Masculine/ Feminine in Modern Europe
    • The notion of gender, understood as the historical, social and cultural construction of sexual identity, has become a vital concept for research on texts produced by modern society and on the various values at stake in those texts. The collection Masculine / feminine in modern Europe offers scientific works (studies and critical editions) undertaking to approach literature in this perspective, bringing historical light to contemporary questions: construction of sexual identity and relations between sexes, history of sexualities, study of gender as a field for construction of sexual identities; such are the various directions and perspectives opened for collective debate.

    • Studies in Theatre and the Performing Arts
    • By examining theories and practices specific to live arts and through the analysis of their development, this collection aims to review the different approaches to the history and aesthetics of the performing arts in the past and in the contemporary period.

    • French Theatre Collection
    • With great care for the traditional erudition required by the Éditions Classiques Garnier in the specific field of critical editions, this collection is patrimonial: it aims to render accessible the greatest number possible of French theatrical works, from the Middle Ages to present times. It will thus offer, besides classic and well-known texts, others which are unjustly neglected or little-known, presented and annotated for the modern reader. As much as possible, the collection will offer the complete theatrical works of dramatists, or at least coherent collections of their works.

    • Francophone Collections
    • The Bibliothèque Francophone is open to a diversity of critical approaches of « francophone » literatures, it welcomes general scientific studies as well as close reading.

    • Correspondence and Memoirs
    • The collection Correspondences and memoirs publishes critical editions of correspondences, memoirs, diaries from the Renaissance to the present day without distinction of textual genre, that is composed by writers, artists as well as politicians, scholars and ecclesiastics.

    • Literature, History, Politics
    • An interdisciplinary collection mindful of the relationship between literary writing and the political scene, history and historiography as seen across the centuries and in the world arena.

    • The Spirit of Law, the Spirit of Literature
    • The collection Spirit of Laws, Spirit of Letters is intended to accommodate books exploring the relationship between law and culture from a historical perspective.

    • POLEN - Powers, Literature, Norms
    • The study of the discourses and systems of representation that prescribe norms in a range of different fields such as politics, law, religion and science, is of necessity both interdisciplinary and innovative in many respects. The aim of this collection is to bring together studies from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era, across a very broad geographical range, which examine the creation, production and transformation of these different systems of representation.

    • Literature and Censorship
    • The ‘Literature and Censorship' collection publishes essays and previously unpublished sources on legal, social, and academic censorship applied to literary creations.

    • The Paul-Zumthor Collection
    • The collection from the Paul Zumthor Foundation gathers together research done in the spirit and continuation of the work of Paul Zumthor, medievalist, literary theorist and historian.

    • Constitution of modernity
    • The collection is linked to research carried out by LABEX COMOD (Lyon), and will publish works on the genealogy of modern rationality and the relationships between state, religions, and citizens.


  • Comparativist Perspectives
  • The collection Comparative perspectives offers studies and essays on general and comparative literature which analyse transfer and relations from one cultural area to another, between literature and art, between literature and science and which define a theoretical viewpoint on literary phenomena.


  • Femmes et genre en Italie (1500-1900)
  • This series focuses on women, literature, language, and gender issues in the Italian tradition, with particular reference to the period from the Renaissance to Post-Unification. It welcomes proposals for single-authored volumes, edited volumes, and editions of texts written by women or about women. The series publishes works in both English and Italian.

  • World Literatures
  • The collection World literatures publishes the great texts of world literature, in a bilingual version for poetry and unilingual for prose. It provides the public with new translations and scientific publications, as well as old translations that were fundamental in their time.


  • Linguistic Domains
  • The Linguistic Areas collection incorporates work on grammar and representations of language, on corpora and the science of texts, on discursive forms, lexicon and on linguistic change.

  • Variational Linguistics
  • The collection "Variational Linguistics" gathers together contributions devoted to the sociolinguistic study of the diasystemic variation of French in the Francophone world.

  • Classics of Slang and Jargon
  • Dictionaries of slang (called jargon before 1700, sometimes baptised "green tongue" after 1850) and works in which slang is a major characteristic are too often unknown to researchers in literature, linguistics and lexicography and all the more unfamiliar to the general public. This collection Classics of slang and jargon (15th-20th century) allows access to such works by means of rigorous critical editions bearing substantial commentary.

  • History and Evolution of French
  • The collection History and Development of French publishes books offering new perspectives on the diachrony of French or on earlier stages of the language, whether in external or internal history.

  • Stylistic Investigations
  • This collection aims to give full visibility to the research developed in the field of stylistic studies. Overcoming the age-old categories, it is open to various theoretical approaches regarding the notion of style, as well as to the various analytical practices resulting from them.

  • Rhetorical Universe
  • This collection intends to give studies in rhetoric, in full revival since the turn of the 1960s, their place in the French publishing landscape. It hosts essays covering a wide chronological span, located at the crossroads of several disciplines: presenting the universe of rhetoric in all the richness and diversity of its approaches.

  • Descriptions and Theories of the French Language
  • The Collection "Descriptions et theories de la langue française" offers editions (including introductions, annotations and indexing) of great French linguistic texts from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.


  • Research in Cinematography
  • The role of the collection Recherches cinématographiques is to publish original studies and essays on cinema, considered in its esthetic, historical, cultural and anthropological aspects.


  • Medieval History Collection
  • The collection Library of medieval history publishes works by researchers of all ages who successfully link present-day problematics, traditional erudition renewed and a high quality of writing. The collection aims at a global approach to historical problems, calling on interdisciplinary methods in order to cover all fields of historical knowledge, from institutions to material culture, beliefs and representations. Combining rigorous erudition and a new approach to historical interrogation, the works in the collection Library of medieval history aim to play their part in deepening our knowledge of the Middle Ages.

  • Ancient and Medieval Knowledge
  • The Ancient and Medieval Knowledge collection serves to illustrate the history of the development and transmission of knowledge from Antiquity to the Middle Ages, incorporating both monographs and text publications.

  • Renaissance History Collection
  • The stated mission of the Library of Renaissance History is to publish cutting-edge research on the history of the sixteenth century, within a context open to all methodological and hermeneutical paradigms and to all cultural areas and transdisciplinary connections. This way, it hopes to participate in a dynamic questioning process without compromising scholarship standards and in understanding history in terms of a struggle against anachronism while recognising a need for critical debate.

  • History of the Modern Era
  • The books in this collection open up new perspectives and present the results of original research in order to approach the final two centuries of the Modern Age (seventeenth and eighteenth centuries).

  • Cultural History
  • The relationship between the author, his sponsor and his audience, how the work was distributed, its influence on behaviour or its power issues are at the heart of this 'Cultural History'.

  • The Mediterranean
  • The collection The Mediterranean is inscribed in a long editorial tradition devoted to research on the Mediterranean and aims to renew that research. In a long time-scale, close to Fernand Braudel's heart, in a resolutely interdiscplinary spirit, open to international research, it offers innovative research applauded by University juries, collective works and critical editions of sources.

  • History of Technologies
  • The collection History of Technology is interested in all past forms of design and of the integration of technology in human societies. Crossing approaches from anthropology to philosophy, through archaeology, ethnology and sociology, it offers the public the sources and reference texts of contemporary research past and present together with portraits of key figures of technology. Its ambition: to make tangible the history of practices and actions specific to humans, and the cultures that necessarily accompany this history.

  • Freemasonry
  • Breaking away from the tradition of "masonology", this collection aims to grasp Masonic reality as a total social fact. It shows its commitment to international openness and high academic requirement.

  • Arts of the European Renaissance
  • The renewal of the arts during the Renaissance is a crucial step in the history of western art. To illustrate this, "Arts of the European Renaissance" brings together the published texts, monographs and collective works that deal with all forms of artistic expression produced from the 15th to the mid-17th centuries.

  • Musicology
  • The ‘Musicology’ collection publishes the results of research carried out in France and abroad on all forms of music, without chronological or geographic limits. It is committed to representing a variety of methods and perspectives.


  • Studies in Religious History and Philosophy
  • The “Studies in Religious History and Philosophy” cover the entire field of theology, especially the history of Christianity and the philosophy of religion.


  • Kaïnon - Anthropology of Ancient Thought
  • The Kainon Collection focuses on innovative approaches to ancient philosophy. It hosts monographs as well as conference proceedings or collective works.

  • Ancients and Moderns - Studies in Philosophy
  • The collection entitled The Ancients and the Moderns - Philosophical studies will publish scholarly studies in the history of philosophy, from Antiquity to the modern period, and will reflect dynamic and enterprising research on authors, concepts and the history of ideas. Works published in this collection are those destined to become reference works in their field.

  • Philosophical Essays on Montaigne and his Time
  • Based on philosophical readings of Montaigne, this collection takes as its framework the foundations of knowledge and its diverse expressions. His Essais are considered first in their own time, but then also as a text in constant dialogue with his contemporaries and with modern philosophical tradition.

  • Contemporary Philosophies
  • The "Contemporary Philosophies" collection aims to shed light on the authors, issues and debates of philosophy today, following its varied traditions.

  • Legal Thought Collection
  • The Bibliothèque de la pensée juridique (Library of legal thought) publishes philosophical studies of the law, which either have a historical dimension or a contemporary and systematic one, and deal with the law in a reflexive manner. It also edits classic texts and doesn't favour any dogmatic bias.

  • PoliticS
  • Firmly wide-ranging, the Politics collection is open to current research in political philosophy. It will publish both works which renew thinking within the contemporary horizon, and conceptual history works which question the way the settings in which we think this world were shaped.

  • History and Philosophy of Science
  • The collection "History and Philosophy of Sciences" includes scientifically demanding original works with a view to forming a reference collection without any methodological or philosophical bias.

  • Philosophical Texts
  • The collection Philosophical texts publishes both the great classics of the history of philosophy and less systematic works which were precursors or which discuss the consequences of the elaboration of a given system. This collection also offers works which created relations between philosophical thought and other domains of the history of ideas: science, law, politics, religious controversy, esthetic practice.


  • Legal History
  • Centred on the scientific object more than on the academic discipline, the "History of law" collection brings together current enquiries into the past of the law as well as the laws of the past.


  • Economics Collection
  • The Library of Economics publishes theses of high quality and essays in economics that can be considered as reference works in their specific field. The aim is to constitute a stock of scientific editions and to give new life not only to analytical literature and commentaries in the field of the history of economic thought, or the history of economic events, but also to essays touching on fundamental questions beyond contemporary preoccupations.

  • Writings on Economics
  • The collection Writings on Economy attempts to re-actualise the major texts of economic science from the 14th to the 20th century. The publication consists of scientific editions, bilingual where necessary, alongside a system of notes and introductions essential for their contextualisation.


  • Social Sciences Collection
  • This purpose of this collection is to publish classic social science texts as well as original studies on this vast area from recent times until today. Breaking through traditional disciplinary boundaries, the collection will receive the works that have influenced development in this field.


  • Encounters
  • This collection is a meeting-place for collective research, acts of conferences, Festschrift and works of synthesis in literature and humanist studies.

  • Cerisy Colloquiums - Literature
  • The aim of the collection 'Cerisy Colloquiums - Literature' is to make the work on literary subjects carried out by the International Cultural Centre of Cerisy-la-Salle available to the public.


  • Dictionaries and Syntheses
  • This collection comes in the form of dictionaries or summaries. It groups together reference works and a complete presentation of an author or of a topic in the areas of literature and humanities.


  • Literature and linguistics

    • Journal of French Literary History
    • Founded in 1894, the RHLF offers, at the publication rate of four issues per year and one bibliographic special issue, a panorama of current research in French literature.

    • Journal of Medieval and Humanistic Studies
    • The Cahiers de recherches médiévales et humanistes - Journal of Medieval and Humanistic Studies publish interdisciplinary studies of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance involving mainly literature and history.

    • Encomia
    • Encomia is the bulletin of the Société Internationale de Littérature Courtoise. It contains a bibliography of criticism on medieval courtly literature.

    • The Year of Rabelais
    • L’Année rabelaisienne presents contributions that bear upon all aspects of Rabelais’s life and work, in the form of themed issues and regular features.

    • Bulletin for the International Society of Friends of Montaigne
    • The Bulletin is published twice a year and offers alternately special issues (proceedings, contributions on a specific topic) and issues for a broader public catering for individual contributions centred on the text of the Essays.

    • La Boétie Studies
    • Cahiers La Boétie welcome interdisciplinary works (literature, history, humanities and social sciences) exploring all aspects and issues of La Boetie's work.

    • Tristan L'Hermite Studies
    • The Journal of Friends of Tristan L’Hermite founded in 1979, the Cahiers Tristan L’Hermite, aims to shed light on the work of the famous poet, playwright, novelist and prose writer in his time (1601-1655) and in the wider culture of the first part of the 17th century.

    • Bossuet Review
    • The Bossuet Review publishes documents related to Bossuet’s life and work, as well as historical, literary, and philosophical studies concerning him.

    • Nodier Studies
    • Cahiers d’études nodiéristes is a journal that studies the work of Charles Nodier and other authors sharing the same interests, thus contributing to studies of the first half of the nineteenth century in Europe.

    • The Clandestine Letter
    • La Lettre clandestine publishes research on the clandestine philosophical manuscripts of the 17th and 18th centuries which provided the Enlightenment philosophers with much of their critical culture.

    • Mérimée Studies
    • This review, open to a great diversity of intellectual orientations and disciplines, was created with the ambition to broaden knowledge of Mérimée's works in their extraordinary cultural plurality.

    • Alexandre Dumas Studies
    • Published once a year as a volume of about 150 to 400 pages, the Cahiers Alexandre Dumas are dedicated to a specific topic, with accompanying bibliography.

    • Nerval Studies
    • Open to all critical approaches, the journal reflects the current state of Nervalian studies. It is aimed at all those—researchers, readers and writers—who are concerned with Nerval’s work.

    • Bulletin for the Association of Friends of Alfred de Vigny
    • Directed by Sophie Vanden Abeele-Marchal, the new series of the Bulletin of the Friends of Alfred de Vigny Association is now thematically oriented.

    • Parade sauvage (Savage Parade)
    • Founded in 1984, the international magazine Parade sauvage ('Wild' parade) works in a spirit of open-mindedness, bringing together studies of all aspects of the work and life of Rimbaud (biography, history, semantics, philology, lexicography, formal approaches...).

    • Verlaine Studies
    • The Revue Verlaine brings together contributions on various aspects of the life and work of the poet. It crisscrosses critical approaches to highlight the diversity and consistency of a work written in its time, while reflecting a keen awareness of the resources of language.

    • Stéphane Mallarmé Studies
    • Open to every perspective, this annual review is intended for researchers, specialists or enthusiasts who are interested in the life and work of Stéphane Mallarmé.

    • Guérin Friendship
    • The journal Friends of the Guerins discusses the life, writing, spirituality, psychology, and influence of Maurice and Eugénie Guérin and also shines a particular spotlight on published literary studies.

    • Louis Dumur Studies
    • The Cahiers Louis Dumur are a review dedicated to the life and work of Louis Dumur, to the Mercure de France and to the literary activity of the beginning of the twentieth century.

    • Valery Larbaud Studies
    • The Cahiers Valery Larbaud, founded in 1967 in response to the annual presentation of the Valery Larbaud Prize in Vichy, make an inventory of the effects of the Fonds Larbaud and of work on the writer.

    • Bulletin of the Paul Claudel Society
    • The Bulletin of the Paul Claudel Society has existed since 1958 and appears every four months. It publishes studies and previously unpublished work, accurately reflecting the current Claudelian editorial and theatrical news.

    • Journal of Proustian Studies
    • The Revue d'études proustiennes, directed by Luc Fraisse and published twice a year, produces special issues and collected volumes concerning all aspects of Marcel Proust's oeuvre.

    • Jean Giraudoux Studies
    • Since 1972, the Cahiers Jean Giraudoux have been committed to making Giraudoux better known, by bringing out previously unpublished documents and academic studies of his work.

    • Sartre studies
    • Études sartriennes is the only Francophone journal dedicated to Jean-Paul Sartre, covering all aspects of his work. Apart from specialist studies, the journal also publishes material of Sartre’s that has never appeared in print before.

    • ELFe XX-XXI
    • Annual Review of the Society for the Study of 20th century French literature, ELFe XX-XXI intends to consider the continuities and the breaks in the literature of the past century and to reflect on contemporary literature and the role that criticism should play in its legitimacy.

    • Studies in French Literature
    • Founded in 2005, the international journal Cahiers de littérature française brings together studies which, adopting an interdisciplinary perspective, combine literature and the visual arts.

    • Romanesques (Fictions)
    • Romanesques is a twice yearly review which aims to explore the notion of the romanesque in questions about fiction, reading, literary history and genre theory.

    • Alkemie
    • Alkemie is a French and international biannual literature and philosophy journal. It enjoys the support of recognized academics, philosophers, and writers.

    • European Drama and Performance Studies
    • European Drama and Performance Studies is a journal devoted to the history of performing arts. Thematic issues are published in French and/or English.

    • European Journal of Poetry Research
    • The central goal of the Revue européenne de recherches sur la poésie is a Europe united under the banner of poetry, no matter in what time or place, as part of a harmonious European Republic of letters.

    • Contemporary Arabic Literature and Culture
    • The LiCArC review (Contemporary Arabic Literature and Culture) is intended for researchers of modern and contemporary Arabic literature (prose, poetry and translation).

    • Journal of Lexicology
    • The Cahiers de lexicologie, an international review of lexicology and lexicography, examines vocabulary in its relation to other aspects of language (syntax, semantics, mortphology, phonology, speech-analysis...).

    • Neologica
    • Neologica, an international review concerning neology, aims to fill a gap in the field of language-sciences, which take only episodic or indirect interest in this phenomenon which is vital to all languages.

    • Dictionary Studies
    • Les Cahiers du dictionnaire (The Journals of the Dictionary) are a place for reflection and encounter devoted to lexical access through the study of the dictionary in which "each word is a virtual universe that speech and writing update [...] in a unit of meaning" (Alain Rey).

    • Screens
    • Screens is an interdisciplinary thematic journal focusing on the audiovisual domain and tackling contemporary issues affecting the cultures and arts of the image.

    • Digital Studies
    • The Journal Digital Studies advocates a hermeneutic, critical, rhetorical, and poetic approach to technologies. Its outlook is resolutely transdisciplinary.

    • From words to deeds
    • Des mots aux actes is the journal of the Société Française de Traductologie (French Society of Translation) and of the Société d’Études des Pratiques et Théories en Traduction (SAES) (Society of Studies on Practice and Theory in Translation). It publishes studies on the history, theory and practice of translation.

  • Economics, management and societies

    • Journal of the History of Economic Thought
    • The journal Revue d'histoire de la pensée économique publishes original papers on history of economic thought, philosophy, epistemology and economic methodology as well as book reviews.

    • European Review of Service Economics and Management
    • European Review of Service Economics and Management is an international pluridisciplinary journal devoted to services studies. Papers can be submitted in French or in English.

    • Food systems
    • The journal Food Systems discusses the dynamics of food systems in France and around the world and continues the “agrifood systems” series by the Isméa journal Economies and Societies that appears on the FNEGE, CNRS and HCERES reference lists.

    • Business & Society
    • The goal of Business & Society, a francophone academic journal ranked by the academic authorities (FNEGE, HCRES, CNRS), is to study relationships between businesses, finance, and society.

    • Social Economy of Labor
    • The journal Social Economy of Labor welcomes theoretical and empirical debates and brings the disciplines of work, employment, and professional relations into dialogue.

  • Social science

    • Ethics, Politics, Religions
    • Ethics, politics, religions is a biannual journal published by the Institute for Philosophical Research of Lyon (Université Lyon 3), focused on the philosophical study of contemporary societies and their genealogy.

    • Parliament[s], Journal of Political History
    • Parliament(s) is a leading French journal for contemporary political and parliamentary history. It is open to a wide range of disciplines (law, political science, literature ...) in all periods and geographical areas. Reviewed by a reading committee, it includes commented sources and reviews.
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  • Journal of Modern Literature
  • Founded in 1954 by Michel Minard, 'The Journal of Modern Literature' is a collection of monographic and thematic series devoted to modern and contemporary writers.

  • Modern Literature Collection
  • The "Library of Modern Letters" collection welcomes in-depth monographic essays ("Studies") and critical editions of previously unpublished literary works ("Texts").

  • Crossroads of modern letters
  • The collection welcomes works resulting from high-quality intellectual encounters on subjects related to modern and contemporary literature and culture.



Literature, linguistics, Humanities, lexicography, languages, history, philosophy, law, economics, social sciences.